Honey Jar 2016 Acrylic 30’ X 42”.


My focus as an Inter-Disciplinary Artist specifically pertains to symbols I create as representations of key environmental concerns, with a focus on Food Sovereignty.

Symbols have the power to change the way we perceive the environment around us: they speak a universal language. By highlighting large scale symbolic images in outdoor environs, my work serves to empower the individual to take a stand based on their personal beliefs. It is inspiring for me to work with the local community on these projects.   

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The plight of the bee is well documented with various theories as to their rapid decline such as parasites and chemical pesticides and herbicides that weaken the immune system of the bee.

My purpose in producing this drawing is to heighten public awareness to both wild and domesticated bees that are in serious peril. All of my images in the field are drawn with a push lawn mower and a trimmer. Michael Robertson of High Perspective Hang Gliding provides a section of his well-manicured field in Brougham, Ontario for my drawings.

Bumble Bee -Bombus griseocollus (80 metres) 2018

Bumble Bee -Bombus griseocollus (80 metres) 2018


Once I have established a design in my studio, a secondary overlay is made indicating a series of dots that will serve for the GPS in the field. The drawing is transferred to a CAD drawing and downloaded onto a GPS.

Volunteers in the field with the GPS unit

Volunteers in the field with the GPS unit

Volunteer in the field numbering and hammering pegs into the grass

Volunteer in the field numbering and hammering pegs into the grass


In the field a center point is chosen, and two points established as gradients from which to lay out the entire drawing, using pegs which are numbered and hammered into the ground, based on the information coming through the GPS. Once the pegs are established, this is where the lawn mower and trimmer come in.

Hammer image_0992.JPG
Seb hammering peg _0995.JPG

Volunteers In Field


The Use of a Drone

Once the drawing is established in the field a Drone is utilized to collect a series of photographs and video material for social media purposes. The Drone plays a critical role, digitally documenting both photographic and video images from limitless vantage points. My Drone operator for the Bumble Bee was Matt Lehman.


Volunteer Support for Bees Matter :

Sebastian Rigby-Templer - Artist/Installer

Patrick-Alexan - Digital Designer/Environmentalist

Michael Robertson - High Perspective Hang Gliding

Matt Lehman - Drone Operator Extraordinaire

Jason Campbell - Surveyor

Ron Dawe - Long-time stalwart Volunteer